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I gave up listing New Year’s resolutions when I was 16. Perhaps I failed too many times on fulfilling quite a handful of goals that I somehow knew the first of January isn’t for me. (Besides, I cannot possibly shed holiday fat when the day itself is made for food and merriment.) Well, Hallelujah for my birthday! I was born on the second half of the year. Eventually, I figured that it was a splendid season to allow my self to grow and look past difficulties.

Season. Yes, season. For years now, my family jokes about how I celebrate the entire week (or month). No, I do not throw parties but because the people who love me extend their lavish greetings and treats during July, it’s like I do get to celebrate everyday after all. Not to mention the mini-heart attacks I get for awesome surprises. 🙂

See, for all the sincerest of love and well-wishes that I receive, it would sure be a waste not to improve in any way even if it’s not for the whole world to see. So far, carrying through my challenge list and (faithfully keeping up with it) is quite a progress. Not always pretty, but a sure feat for me. (I will write about my list on a separate post in the future.)

For this year, I am requiring my self to develop a few things:

  • Overhaul my website. This website. I have been using it as a creative portfolio since 2013 (and on my birthday as well) but was not able to update it regularly. Now, it is my goal to use this site as a platform to write (and draw) about my progress as an illustrator, designer, freelancer, entrepreneur, health buff, foodie, daughter, sister, partner, friend, Christian, ninja, and all things in between. Blogging, here I come!
  • Establish a new website and content for my graphic service business. Looking back, I never thought I would work in the creative industry… and in my own terms! My college peers strongly believed my strength was in programming. Though I believed it, I was as scared as hell to do it for a living. Thankfully, freelancing after graduatiion from college, taught me skills I needed to survive in my niche: research, development, production, project management, collaboration, marketing, customer service, etc. May I also add the wonderful clientele and fellow creatives on my list?. For now, I believe, all these assets and results deserve a new home in the world wide web.
  • Jumpstart another website of all things Pinoy. Honestly, I thought of this idea in January. Apparently, other commitments flooded me up to my eyeballs and I had not had the time to deliver. However, I still want to push through. This is a must because Pinoy Ako! 

Like any challenge you put yourself into, the first part is easy. Setting up the website is easy — a few clicks and blah blah blahs. It is in the middle of the process that you seem to lose enthusiasm and get distracted by almost anything that comes your way. In this case, my anxieties befall on content and time.  But then again, like any challenge, we aim for results. So, yup! Rolling my sleeves up to get them done.

Somebody once told me, We are not accountable for what we started. We are accountable for what we finish.

Wish me well, loved ones!

Kathrina's birthday1aa1b

My mom treated me to a pre-birthday cake at Amici



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