Kids In The Treehouse Series

A Secret No Girls Club and The Backyard Bug Hunters

Kids in the Tree House, written by Rachel Elizabeth Cole, is a series of illustrated early chapter books for young readers ages 6 to 8. The boys Logan and Caleb will surely entertain you with their amusing antics and innocent endeavours. While drawing the scenes, I am reminded of my favorite TV shows as a kid — Little Rascals, Arthur, Rugrats, and Hey, Arnold. It is a short read, enjoyable, hilarious, and fun. Ready for silly mischievous adventures? Kids in The Treehouse series is available at Amazon. You can purchase them separately as well. Book 1: The Secret No-Girls Club Book 2: The Backyard Bug Hunters The author Rachel Elizabeth Cole lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. You can like her...

The Magic Paintbrush


The Magic Paintbrush is a story written by Christine Villa. The original version of The Magic Paintbrush (online and without illustrations) won the People’s Choice Award in 2011 – #1 in the Top 7 Knowonder! stories as voted by readers. Knowonder! is a children’s publication aimed at driving literacy. The author, “Miss Chrissi” contacted me via Upwork (formerly oDesk) to illustrate her story. She sent me a copy of the manuscript, and after reading, I nonchalantly and effortlessly fell in love with the entirety of it — the characters, the plot, the lessons it taught. In the story, “Alexa’s greatest desire is to paint all the beauty around her, but she just cannot...