STUDY: Female Features, Styles, and Medium


All women are beautiful in their own ways. That is a fact. Drawing females is the closest thing I could relate to. Perhaps it is because I am a woman, or because I am an artist who likes anything beautiful, or simply both. Stereotypically, women are categorized as soft and smooth — whether they mean it figuratively or not is beyond me. But then again, when I think about it, my wrist easily maneuvers through any medium when I draw women.  At times I mindlessly scribble on paper, and as with any artist, I etch circles and lines first. In the end, I find my work filled with features with that of a woman’s....

A Filipina Bagged Silver in Rio Olympics 2016

Filipina Hidilyn Diaz won silver in Olympics 2016 held in Rio

After 20 long years, the Philippines finally got the chance to bring home again a medal from the Summer Olympics held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Thanks to our new champ Hidilyn Diaz — a 25-year old weightlifter from Zamboanga City, Philippines. Diaz won the silver medal of the women’s 53kg weightlifting category on August 7, Sunday. She also successfully clinched a lift of 88kg in her second attempt in snatch event (placed 6th) and 111kg and 112kg in the first and second attempts in the clean and jerk event (placed 2nd). This was also the first non-boxing medal for the nation since 1936. Diaz became as the first Filipina olympian to earn the medal...

The Magic Paintbrush


The Magic Paintbrush is a story written by Christine Villa. The original version of The Magic Paintbrush (online and without illustrations) won the People’s Choice Award in 2011 – #1 in the Top 7 Knowonder! stories as voted by readers. Knowonder! is a children’s publication aimed at driving literacy. The author, “Miss Chrissi” contacted me via Upwork (formerly oDesk) to illustrate her story. She sent me a copy of the manuscript, and after reading, I nonchalantly and effortlessly fell in love with the entirety of it — the characters, the plot, the lessons it taught. In the story, “Alexa’s greatest desire is to paint all the beauty around her, but she just cannot...