My 20-Person Wedding on New Year’s Eve

Snow white owls at our wedding

DATE: I got married on the 31st of December 2016 to the guy who deserves the most beautifully positive superlatives in the world, Ray. The eve of new year is our anniversary as a dating couple (and it has been 5 years since), so I deliberately chose the same date for our wedding. Reasons? 1.) I have a volatile schedule as a freelancer. Thinking ahead, what indefensible crime would I commit if I miss future wedding anniversaries? The Yule is the surest season for me to be unoccupied from work. 2.) It´s brain-friendly.  😛 How many special occasions do we celebrate altogether? Apart from Christmases and New Years, there are birthdays, anniversaries, and what...

A Decade Unfolded

TASK: Interview a Java Programmer

Photo taken in 2007. From the left is Lhen Canaria, Jheremy Pimentel, me, Mhean Doromal, the subject of our interview, the supposedly-subject, and Majoy Lubigan. Alexis Jimenez acted as the coordinator and took the photo. This happened in compliance to our project in ITEC212L (Java 1), where we had to interview a Java Programmer. I remember how we had a horrible time finding one — not that there aren’t too many, but because every college student knows what hell it is to juggle all seven subjects all at once for finals. Even professors for minor subjects were too demanding we could pray to the University’s patron saint to let us rest easy. Alexis,...