A Decade Unfolded

TASK: Interview a Java Programmer

Photo taken in 2007. From the left is Lhen Canaria, Jheremy Pimentel, me, Mhean Doromal, the subject of our interview, the supposedly-subject, and Majoy Lubigan. Alexis Jimenez acted as the coordinator and took the photo.

This happened in compliance to our project in ITEC212L (Java 1), where we had to interview a Java Programmer. I remember how we had a horrible time finding one — not that there aren’t too many, but because every college student knows what hell it is to juggle all seven subjects all at once for finals. Even professors for minor subjects were too demanding we could pray to the University’s patron saint to let us rest easy.

Alexis, through his sister, found a subject for the interview. It was supposedly the lady seated in the photo but eventually referred us to one of her co-workers (guy beside her). I do not remember their names anymore, nor can I find our written report. All I found was a collage of photos during the short round-up at a café in Ortigas. The interview ran for nearly 15 minutes then the subjects sped off to finish their shift that evening.

It was my first time seeing this page of blurry photos again since 10 years ago when I perhaps mindlessly buried it in one of my shelves and easily forgot about it. I was quite disgusted at how ugly the photos where laid out — and I have every right to do so —  because, yep, I was the one who made it. I had but a limited concept of aesthetics back in the day, and apparently I lost it in this page. Recalling my participation in the project, I handled the video recording (with a super-sized 256MB point-and-shoot camera), lent my Samsung VGA phone for the photo-ops, formatted the contents and the papers for submission, and created the cover pages — all without using Adobe Suite. MS Word (and occasional Powerpoint) was enough of a software for me way back then. Unbelievable! I am dumbfounded when I open MS Word nowadays!

ITEC212L Project. Sophomore Year @ De La Salle University – Dasmariñas. 2007.

WOW. 10 YEARS. A decade has passed and I am at awe of the beautiful milestones that have happened since.

My classmates in the photo were (and still are) my barkada. Despite rarely seeing each other and conflicting schedules, our friendship has remained intact and true. Lhen and Alexis dated after college (much to everyone’s surprise), got married, and are now happy parents. (I was a part of their entourage and am Sia’s ninang.) As of writing, Majoy is carrying a bundle of joy herself, while Mheann works in Japan. Moreso, they are now well-vested programmers, developers, and analysts. They are excellent at what they do and I couldn’t be any prouder of what they have all become. Jheremy is now a Senior Java Programmer and I heard he takes home the highest pay among them, hahahaha! (Oops!)

I, on the other hand, pursued a different path — Graphics Design and Illustration. I still took up IT after transferring to another college and managed to finish it in 2010 (just in time) with flying rainbow colors. Although somewhere that time, I realized that rediscovering a childhood love was nearly impossible to resist. I enjoyed illustrating for personal projects, studied the principles of design on my own, and practiced and enrolled for a few softwares that I needed. I did web development and web design for quite a while, and even taught Java Programming after graduation… Until came a time where I decided to focus specifically on design and illustration. Today, I run my business at home, have trained my growing sibs to be my wingmen and influenced them to embark on the same but better career, worked on more than 150 projects for clients abroad, and am currently brewing new exciting (and animated) ventures. (I wish I have the energy and courage to write my progress from time to time. Writing has been a challenge for years lately, but I’ll try!)  And oh, I now layout pictures more decently than the collage above, too! :p

It’s funny how a decade-old photo is somewhat a prediction revealing what is ahead. I had no idea back then that destiny was beginning to unfold. So much growth, so much has changed (with a few awfully good things that remained). I don’t think I will ever change a thing. I am still in the midst of processing how time ticked so quickly, and how it flew right before my eyes. Above all, I am thrilled to unpack what life still has in store for me and the people around me — and I am preparing for it with an expectant soul.

Cheers to a decade of (self) discovery! 🙂

Informatics Computer Institute. 2009.
Informatics Computer Institute. 2009.

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