Travel Color Palette — Warm and Vintage

Travel Color Palette - Warm

Travelled up north on October last year and stayed at San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte for a couple of days. While taking a (very early) morning walk, I snapped a few pictures of the plaza’s brick-red hues and vintage structures. Instant time-travel!

I wanted to do a quick (konti lang kasi time ko) color exercise just for the fun of it. I gathered a few photos and created a color palette for each.
2 3 4 5 6I enjoyed doing this exercise. So warm and fuzzy they remind me of make-up :p Pwede na din ako magpintura ng Boysen. Haha!

Perhaps I should do more of this until I save enough for an entire collection so I can use them in my design processes. One set could go a long way, you know?





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